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Virtual reality Experience

What we do

360 Visualisation

High quality 360° images are a great and easily accessible way to be able to look around your project. The main benefit of 360 images is that you are able to view all angles of a scene by rotating and panning the image. 360° images are compatible with mobile and can also be viewed on computers or with virtual reality headsets. Users can pan the scene by dragging with either their mouse or their finger- or simply by turning their head when using a headset.

Interactive Vr

The main benefit of real-time architectural Vr visualisation is the possibility of creating inmersive environments that give users full control of the experience. The interaction can range from moving around the scene, to changing components, grabbing scene elements, etc. These applications are displayed by using vr devices as the Htc Vive headset.

Interactive Apps

We also offer mobile and desktop applications, which allow you to moving freely around the scene, changing materials and determinated objects that the client determines. We can make them to be displayed by using a phone or just a computer, all depends on the necessities of the client.

We offer a quality service, highly competitive rates and excellent turnarounds to meet your deadlines.

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